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Despite knowledge of the NHS's target of at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables being very high, it is estimated that only 22% of the UK population achieve this each day. we know what that's like - how many times has it got to the end of the day and you realise that the only fruit of veggies you've had is a piece of fruit and some slim pickings in a sandwich? We felt there must be a better way....welcome to Hi Five. We have managed to pack a full 5 portions of vitamin rich veggies into each meal, meaning you can achieve the 5 portions of veg in just one meal. You should give yourself a Hi Five for that! What's more, our chefs have worked hard to make the meals as delicious as possible while being packed full of goodness. 


We are a small British business and we care passionately about making great, healthy food accessible for everyone to enjoy. Our kitchen facility is in Lincolnshire, where we make all our meals fresh to order on a daily basis.

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